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know this will sound cheesy, but i hope u have a grate day!!!


(via random-polar-bears-are-attacking)

someone asks about my sex life

its “pussy-nal”

If Your Feeling Sad,

Here’s Leo dancing the sadness away.

go leo

go leo..

Why I Should Never Do Couples Therapy

Me; Okay, How Are We Today?
Them:We're Not doing so-
Me; Do you remember me asking You Opinion?
Me:Me Either.
Him:Well, I Think Shes Cheating on me with my brother.
Me; *Squints* Is Your brother hot? Show me.
*Shows Brother*
Me; Yep, You have no chance. Okay I have an Appointment with Tumblr for the rest of the day, so could you please show yourself out? Mkay Thanks.

Is this a Test?

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